LIN and Cox nearing retransmission deadline


Subscribers to cable systems owned by Cox Communications in theProvidenceRIand Mobile AL-Pensacola FL DMAs may lose access to local television stations owned by LIN Media. Current retransmission contracts expire at the end of February.

The stations include CBS WPRI and Fox WNAC (plus MNT on a WNAC digital side channel) inProvidence, and Fox WALA and CW WFNA in Mobile-Pensacola.

As has become standard operating procedure when retransmission deadlines approach, LIN issued a warning notice to members of its audience who are Cox subscribers.

Here’s the message it’s running inRhode Island: “On February 29, 2012 at 11:59 PM (local time), COX Communications’ contract to carry WPRI 12 (WPRI-TV), FOX Providence (WNAC-TV), and MyRITV ( WNAC- DT2) will expire.  We are working hard to reach a new agreement with COX, however, we feel it is our duty to keep our viewers informed when a contract deadline approaches and a new agreement has not yet been reached. If we do not reach an agreement, by law, COX cannot carry our television stations on its cable system.

“Our stations are important assets to the local community. Without a fair agreement, we will not be able to provide the premiere news, sports, entertainment, weather, traffic updates, political coverage and other local and national programming that is most important to you. Please call 1-888-269-9693 and tell COX that you do not want to lose WPRI 12, FOX Providence, and MyRITV.

“In the event that we are no longer carried by COX, you may continue to watch your favorite local programming over-the-air or via antenna or by switching to an alternative pay-TV provider. For your convenience, we have provided that information on this web page.”