LIN Media unveils “HYFN8”


LIN MediaLIN Media announced its HYFN division’s launch of HYFN8, a new social media management system and solution that utilizes proprietary technology to allow marketers to listen and react to online consumer behavior in real-time, giving them the intelligence and monetization tools to maximize social media ROI.

HYFN, a full-service digital agency that develops and implements mobile, social and web experiences for some of the world’s largest brands, launched HYFN8 8/21. LIN Media acquired a majority ownership investment in HYFN in April.

“There is strong demand for a social media marketing solution that can generate timely and usable analytics, as well as real revenue for brands,” said Robb Richter, LIN Media’s Senior Vice President Digital. “HYFN8 is a product inspired by our mission to create groundbreaking, revenue-driving products.”

HYFN8 allows brands to manage their entire social presence in one consolidated dashboard, giving them the intelligence to turn every social interaction into an on-the-spot engagement opportunity. Through proprietary technology, HYFN8 provides custom social listening and profile management streams, post scheduling tools, a robust web-based social media and web application builder, and deep analytics to allow for superior engagement and monetization. The more a marketer uses the system, the smarter it becomes leveraging custom algorithms that hyper-target users based on when and with whom they are most likely to engage.

HYFN8 is fully integrated with Facebook’s Advertising API and taps into public content discussions through its real-time listening ability. The HYFN8 platform marries collected data, differentiating itself from other platforms and enabling it to recommend peak days and times that posts will be most effective for driving revenue opportunities.

HYFN is a member of Facebook’s Preferred Marketing Developer program, which recognizes developers who have built value-added products in one or more of four qualification areas — Pages, Ads, Apps and Insights. HYFN is one of a limited number of companies that have been awarded all four badges.

Said Morgan Harris, HYFN CEO: “HYFN8 is a system that is going to revolutionize the way marketers engage with audiences in the social environment. HYFN8 allows marketers to listen to conversations happening around their brand in real-time, ultimately allowing them to create hyper relevant advertising. The more a marketer uses HYFN8, the more intelligent the system becomes allowing it to make real-time recommendations on messaging and optimal times for that messaging to be the most effective. As a result, marketers will be able to better monetize their social media campaigns.”