LIN says aloha to big return on investment


Broadcast television group LIN acquired several chunks of the lower 700 MHz band back in 2002 and 2003 during FCC auctions #44 and #49. That’s in the portion of the television band which is being reallocated away from television broadcast usage. Aloha Partners LP has agreed to buy 32 licenses. The price is 32.5 million, which is quite a profit for LIN from the original six million it paid the FCC. For LIN, it is the culmination of what it saw as an investment at the time. For Aloha, it’s an addition to an already impressive collection of licenses, bringing its total up to 270, reaching 65% of the total US population and 85% of the top 100 market population. Aloha is working on offerings of both mobile television and wireless broadband.