LIN sends an Albuquerque TV satellite out of its orbit


No longer will KREZ-TV be part of the television station portfolio of LIN Television Corporation. The station, which has been bringing CBS programming to Durango CO as a satellite of KRQE-TV in Albuquerque, is being sold.

The buyer is Native American Broadcasting LLC, headed by Denise Renee St. Andre and Laurie Kain.

LIN acquired the station along with several others from Emmis in a $260M deal memorialized in a contract dated 8/19/05.

The current deal for KREZ alone is valued at $2M cash.

KREZ was not the only satellite of KRQE – there is another, KBIM-TV, licensed to Roswell NM that performs the same function. LIN also has a direct duopoly partner in the Albuquerque-Santa Fe DMA – KASA-TV is licensed to the latter municipality and brings Fox programming into the market.