Lincoln TV skedaddles out of incentive auction range


The Fox affiliate in Lincoln NE, KFXL-DT, was right on the cusp of the spectrum reclaimed when American television stations switched from analog to digital in 2009. The FCC emptied stations out of the Channel 52-69 range during that project. Now the station has permission to head south from its current Channel 51 dial position.

Licensee Lincoln Broadcasting Inc. has more than avoidance of a second round of channel repacking in mind in requesting the change, however. It told the FCC that its new technical plant on Channel 15 will allow it to serve some 700,000 more people than it reaches currently.

However, it must be noted that the move also gets it out of the way should Congress authorize the FCC to conduct incentive auctions of broadcast television spectrum in order to turn it over to broadband services. If the FCC is given the right to clear out as much spectrum is wishes, that would force every station from Channels 31-51 to either move or cease to exist.

Even if the FCC were to receive permission to repurpose less than the full amount it has requested,  KFLX’s position at the furthest extreme of the remaining television band makes it a mortal lock to be among those stations required to move.

The proposal would give the station 1,000 kW at 394’, and would provide service to over one million people.
The station has a month and a half to submit a minor change application for the necessary construction permit.