Lineup inked in for Markey meeting


The witnesses are lined up for the Subcommittee on Telecommunications and the Internet hearing tomorrow entitled “Competition in the Sports Programming Marketplace.” (And you thought the competition just took place on the field or in the arena.) Ed Markey (D0MA) will be presiding in a fight in which broadcasters do not have a . The heavy action will apparently pit for forces of cable against the forces of satellite, with ESPN’s George Bodenheimer and NFL’s Roger Goodell on hand for good measure. Time Warner Cable’s Glenn A. Britt and DIRECTV’s Derek Chang will provide what we believe will be the competitive portion of the session. Also on hand will be an intriguing pair of watchdogs. Looking out for the interests of consumers will be Mark Cooper of the Consumer Federation of America, and representing the interests of the free market (read business) will be former FCC Media Bureau Chief and current president of the Progress & Freedom Foundation Ken Ferree.

TVBR/RBR observation: We can only hope that there will be floorwalkers in the Rayburn Building hawking peanuts, hot dogs and beer at this one.