Linkin Park and Steve Aoki plan for radio airplay


MicrophoneA collaboration between Linkin Park and Steve Aoki was unveiled last month in a concert held in Japan, and ever since, the creators have been teasing it to  build buzz prior to release of a studio version of the tune. And yes, an attempt to get new single “A Light that Never Comes” on the radio is in the works.

The artists are definitely being very cagey with this release.

“The song was originally unveiled as a surprise during Aoki’s performance at the Summer Sonic festival in Tokyo last month, where Aoki was joined onstage by Linkin Park’s Chester Bennington and Mike Shinoda,” they noted in a release. “The shaky, distorted cell phone recordings from the concert were the only records of the song until now.”

They have basically made gaining access to the song a game for their fans, specifically, “a 3D Facebook game, ‘LP RECHARGE.’”

And then the radio effort begins. They explained, “Today, fans will work to unveil the studio recording of the song, which, once unlocked via the game, will be serviced to radio and will stream on demand exclusively on Xbox Music.”

Recharge is the name of the album in which the new single will be featured.

RBR-TVBR observation: Once again we have to note that if radio playing a song over the air for free is such a horrible thing, there sure are a lot of musical acts that must be addicted to the horror. We’re sure that’s not the answer – the answer is that musicians realize there is a legitimate financial reward tied to airplay, or as other businesses that use radio to market their wares would call it, a free three-minute commercial. Radio gets content; musicians sell recordings, tickets and paraphernalia. It still works, and the steady stream of musicians seeking airplay proves it.