Listener Driven Radio launches takeover platform with WTMX


Bonneville’s WTMX-FM Chicago, “The Mix” is the first affiliate of Listener Driven Radio’s latest software offering: “LDR.Takeover.” It includes new features and capabilities, including deep integration with social media apps. The product is optimized for daypart programming and designed for stations looking to offer increased control to listeners for specific time periods and shows.

It’s the second product offering from LDR. The company’s original platform, LDR.1, provides interactive audio programming software which allows the audience to pick songs that play through the hour. Listeners vote and affect the station’s music in real-time.

Bonneville’s WTMX will launch the platform for “U Mix It,” a new nightly show which allows listeners to “take control.” The program launches on 2/16 at 8 p.m. CT. The station has already sold a premium digital sponsorship to Pepsi for the show.

Via Facebook and Twitter integration, LDR.Takeover offers listeners real-time control of programming, allowing them to move songs in the playlist queue; recommend songs for airplay; receive SMS text messages, IMs, or e-mails when their favorite songs play; and dedicate songs to friends via Facebook.

LDR.Takeover also has a built-­in music recommendation engine to introduce listeners to new music.

The LDR.Takeover platform also ties directly into RCS Nexgen Automation and a number of other automation systems. Like all LDR products, it is white-­labeled for each station to brand as they choose.

It’s now used by stations in more than 50 markets globally, including New York, Philadelphia, Atlanta, Detroit, Paris and five major markets across Canada.