Listeners bring “full” Stephanie Miller Show back to SF


The Stephanie Miller Show, distributed by Jones Radio Networks, announced the full show has returned to KKGN-AM San Francisco, airing 6:00am –9:00am, effective 1/29.

The full show, originally debuting 9/06 on what was then known as KQKE-AM, was cut back by management to one hour on 1/21. Listeners complained about  the move, and after a week KKGN-AM management made the decision to provide the show in its entirety.

Said John Scott, KKGN-AM PD: “The netroots feedback we have received is unlike anything I have ever seen for any show, in any format, in my entire career.  It was real, it was raw, and it was passionate. The bottom line: our audience loves her.”