Lite Rock 105 DJ to plead guilty to insurance fraud


What’s a nice radio girl doing in a mess like this?: Former Citadel WWLI-FM Lite Rock 105 DJ Tanya Cruise (Lori Sergiacomi) and North Providence councilman (also former) John Zambarano will reportedly plead guilty to conspiracy and mail fraud charges over bogus insurance claims.

The two were originally charged with corruption, along with two others. The indictment, handed down last November, specifically charged them with trying to defraud an insurance company. Prosecutors claimed that the four intentionally damaged her house and swimming pool, blaming it on April, 2010 flooding in Rhode Island.

Her bogus insurance claims had a payout totaling just over $40,000. Former North Providence town council president Robert Ricci also pled guilty. Insurance adjuster Vincent DiPaolo pleaded not guilty. Zambarano, who also admitted to separate corruption charges, was sentenced last week to just under six years in prison.