Live 105 launching “Free for All”


LIVE 105 (KITS-FM) San Francisco ( will debut a new primetime program beginning January 11th (8:00PM-12:00 Midnight).  The four hour show, broadcast weekdays and powered by Jelli, will be hosted by White Menace and put listeners in control of what songs go on the air.  The station began working with Jelli in June 2009 and will continue to broadcast its original Sunday 10:00PM-12:00 Midnight program.

Said Michael Martin, Program Director of LIVE 105, “We have a great reputation for reflecting the tastes of the Bay Area and with Jelli we’re able to dig deeper into exactly what the audience wants to hear. Whether you love or hate the music played on the station will be the genius – or fault – of the station’s loyal listeners.”

Jelli is a web-based game that lets listeners search a deep catalog of song titles and pick tracks to add to the on-air 100% listener-driven playlist. Other players can vote songs up or down one position at a time to decide what will play next, right up to the time the next song goes on the air.

With Jelli, players also can earn Rockets and Bombs and use them to send a song quickly toward the top of a playlist, or knock it off completely. While a song is playing on the air listeners can voice their opinion by voting on whether it Rocks or Sucks. If enough players click Sucks, the song is taken off the air instantly, even if it’s mid-song.