Live stream of CC radio tower climber in Tulsa


UPDATE: The man got into a fire department bucket and was lowered to the ground Tuesday evening.

It’s now over five full days (as of Noon 8/16) for William Sturdivant, the Tulsa man who climbed a 300-ft. Clear Channel/Tulsa broadcast tower 8/11 at 11:00 AM during a thunderstorm. William, who police said has a history of mental health problems, was seen on the roof of the CC Radio studios building 8/10 but was chased off. He returned the next day, climbed the tower and made it about two-thirds of the way up. He has been up the tower ever since, touching the ground only once and climbing up again before he could be apprehended by the Tulsa Police Department’s Special Operations Team members.

Firefighters used a ladder truck to raise a basket to William at least twice Friday — once from around 4:15 to around 4:45 p.m. and again for about 40 minutes after 10 p.m. — but he refused to be lowered to the ground. They continue to try.

See the live stream here

While it is not believed he is suicidal, officials are concerned for his welfare because the last time he had water was Friday and he had been refusing previous offers of food and drink, Fox News reported.

“Honestly, if he was wanting to jump, I think it would have happened by now. But that doesn’t mean it won’t happen in the next five seconds,” senior negotiator Cole Butler told KOTV-DT Tulsa.

Police Capt. Ryan Perkins, speaking to Fox, sounded a hopeful note Monday: “He’s talking to us about coming down, but he’s not yet ready,” he said. “He’s just scared.”