Live365 partners with AdsWizz


adswizzOn the heels of announcing an ad sales representation agreement with AdLarge Media, Live365, an online radio network offering broadcast services and curated radio programming, has also inked a deal with AdsWizz, provider of ad solutions for the digital radio and audio industries, to better target and monetize its audience.

It’s all about hyper-targeting to attract more advertisers: Live365 will start using AdsWizz’s ad serving and insertion technology to deliver ads tailored to its listeners’ locations, listening devices, demographics and other profile elements. It will also participate in AdWave, AdsWizz’s global audio ad exchange.

“Broadcasters of all kinds of Internet audio content – from radio stations to live streams to podcasts – are seeing a surge in audiences from every corner of the globe. They’re eager to translate that into new revenue streams,” said Alexis van de Wyer, AdsWizz CEO. “AdWave is currently the only global audio ad exchange, connecting digital audio publishers with ad agencies and ad networks around the world. It solves a huge challenge for many such companies, namely ensuring they can easily fill up not just their domestic ad inventory, but their international inventory too.”

Live365 client individuals and organizations collectively create and broadcast more than five thousand radio stations featuring hundreds of genres of music and talk.

AdsWizz also provides reporting of impressions, engagement and post-listening behaviors, allowing ad buyers to better optimize their campaigns and broadcasters to better understand their audiences.