Live365 powering Occupy Radio Austin station


Live365 has launched the first independent radio station of the Occupation movement, “Occupy Radio Austin.” The new station broadcasting online at, gives a voice to the movement, sharing their audio stories, along with user submitted and live recorded content from musicians, poets, lecturers, DJs and comedians as well as exclusive Occupation news and alerts.

“Live365’s broadcasting platform allows us to offer a deeper catalog of talk and music entertainment content than any other internet radio company,” says Jason Stoddard, Director of Broadcasting. “The power of the technology and service we provide is best realized in the hands of passionate groups like Occupy Radio Austin.”

“Where the mainstream media has failed to cover the Occupation movement…,” says Lance Name, Occupy Radio Austin Host and National Broadcast Coordinator for Occupy Radio FM”…using Live 365 means we have a turn-key broadcast solution to drive our message. What’s more, as we work to build a national broadcast network, Live365’s streaming framework, support systems, and resources allow us to focus our efforts on realizing a community media operation.” will soon include 11 other streaming web affiliates. The movement is asking for donations. From their website:

“Your donations make the national broadcast model possible. We are a Texas non-profit organization. Any size donation can be made easily through our secure transaction provider and will be greatly appreciated. The national broadcast model is possible through individual contributions from those who want to help realize a sustainable grass roots community media operation for, by, and about the concerns of occupiers and the 99%. is a project of the A/V Broadcast Group, a non-profit community media flagship operation located in Austin, Texas. is a non-partisan, non-violent and non-commercial project. We are committed to the principles and core values set forth by OWS. At launch, we will host 12 sister affiliates and provide 48 hours of programming per broadcast day by providing freely available broadcast, content and administration systems. The focus of the project will be on creating and distributing unique arts, affairs and educational programming about social and economic justice issues. As a working group, we are committed to expanding media capacity through nonviolent and concensus based approaches and, detailing our workings via transparent accounting and operational methods.”

RBR-TVBR observation: A movement of this size in the past may have been accompanied with sporadic FM pirate radio stations—or at least a coordinated effort of appearances on community/public radio stations. But not today—especially with the younger demos present in each city. Their outreach is online, with SmartPhones and tablets in hand.