“Local Choice” challenged by advocacy group


TV FreedomFollowing on from yesterday’s story “Rockefeller and Thune propose ‘Local Choice’,” a broadcaster advocacy group called TVFreedom is challenging the proposal that would let cable and satellite subscribers pay for only the broadcast channels they want to watch.

The “à la carte” proposal hits broadcasters too hard and does too little to change other problems in the marketplace, according to TVFreedom Director of Public Affairs Robert Kenny, who also said in a statement that the plan “fails to address cable and satellite TV’s deceptive billing practices, excessive equipment rental fees and surprise charges fueled by market failures that result in increasing monthly pay-TV bills for consumers.”

“Instead, it curiously targets America’s most-watched programming — broadcast TV — as the culprit for rising cable bills even though these channels collectively amount to a pittance on the price of a monthly pay-TV bill.”

Among others, TVFreedom represents broadcast giants ABC, CBS, FOX and NBC affiliate associations, as well as the National Association of Broadcasters (NAB).


  1. There is a very easy way for viewers to avoid all of these problems: Get an antenna and a way to connect your TV to the internet, and you’re done with all of the headaches of dealing with cable companies, and a monthly bill of well over $100.

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