Local comedy show launching on WCVB-TV Boston


Late night television is getting funny in Boston, with the city’s own comedy group, Improv Asylum, launching a weekly show on Hearst’s WCVB-TV (ABC) on Saturday nights. The new venture takes to the air July 2nd.

“Improv Asylum’s Vanity Project” will air at midnight. (Strictly speaking, then, it is a Sunday show, first airing July 3rd – but pointing that out would just confuse people staying up late on Saturday.) “The show will feature Improv Asylum’s signature brand of comedy, pointing their comedic lens at all topics, from the political to the absurd to the mundane. And of course this will be done with that particular Boston attitude that makes our city famous, or infamous, all over the country,” the troupe said in pitching the new show.

Improv Asylum is also launching a “First Look” version of the show on boston.com, the website of the Boston Globe.

“We are thrilled to bring our fans more of our brand of comedy, and reach out to a huge market that may not have yet seen us at our theater.” said Improv Asylum co-owner Chet Harding.

“Being able to partner with a local television institution like ABC/WCVB TV 5, as well as the most viewed local website in Boston with boston.com, we are excited to be doing something in this market that has never been done before. And being Bostonians, we have the attitude that we don’t need permission from New York or LA. We prefer to just do it ourselves,” said the other co-owner, Norm Laviolette.

RBR-TVBR observation: Local programming doesn’t have to be limited to news. A big thumbs up to WCVB and the Improv Asylum for some creative thinking.