Local Focus Radio opens office in Florida (audio)

Kay Olin

As the dust settles on the recent Clear Channel layoffs that especially hit smaller markets, the live and local stations left across America are realizing they’re becoming a premium commodity in their towns and cities. Kay Olin, President of Local Focus Radio, meanwhile, tells us they are growing again, She also put the value of the local radio station and sales staff in perspective. Listen to her audio, above.

Local Focus has opened a new office in Melbourne, Florida to help manage the Hispanic agency growth and regional business. VP Account Services Tracey Duvall, a 25 year radio vet previously with KATZ Radio, will captain the initiative. The new office can be reached at 321-412-6112.

Olin also tells RBR-TVBR that radio is best served by remaining as local and involved as it can: “Our salespeople and the people we have working at the radio stations are the heart of those stations. So, the more human we can keep it, the better. They are the people that represent your station face to face–they’re your local credibility. I had breakfast with a client this morning who told me he was in a better place to succeed because he’s all local and he has local relationships. He told me he could put a famous syndicated morning drive person on the air to get better ratings, but it wouldn’t sell as well as his local personalities, their relationship with the community and clients knowing the station is going to perform for them.”

Local Focus Radio continues to grow with the addition of over 80 stations since January, including their latest acquisitions, KNIV-FM in Salt Lake City, UT, KBXI in Billings, MT, KZOY-AM & FM in Sioux Falls, SD and KZTS-FM in Little Rock, AR.