Local is everywhere


Broadcast TowerRBR-TVBR has been preaching sermons, for as long as we can remember since the onset of the internet era, that broadcast’s unique selling proposition is its ability to focus on and draw in a local audience. Guess what?

That’s also what they are preaching in Germany.

Broadcasters there held an industry gathering in Nuremburg early in July, aptly entitled Local Broadcast Days, according to a report from Rapid TV News.

One expert from the UK who was in attendance said it was incumbent on radio stations to position themselves as “trusted guides” who both know the local audience, and retain the capacity to surprise that audience. The speaker, Julian Treasure, said strong personalities should not only bond with the audience, they should also instruct the audience.

That is not to say stations shouldn’t use the latest technology in an effort to expand their footprint. More and more, noted one person, television sets are being connected to the internet, and broadcasters should be developing ways to take advantage of that.
The bottom line, however, was agreement that broadcasting’s great strength is its local presence, and its ability to use that in its interactions with both its audience and its advertisers will continue to be its key strength.