Local provider breaks traffic records


Internet Broadcasting, a local Internet solution provider for broadcast publishers and advertisers targeting local markets, announced that it set all-time traffic records in August of 2008. The IB network drove record unique visitors and page views benefitting local television stations and local and national ad customers.

UVs grew 8.8% to 51.1MM in August. This compares to 47.0MM in July and 39.6MM in December 2007, the first month the network audience was measured by comScore. The record usage is attributed to IB’s Democratic and Republican National Convention coverage, strong weather franchises providing on line functionality during hurricane season as well as ongoing SEO and distribution increases. An additional factor is the expansion of the IB Local Network’s site coverage to include ABC owned and operated sites now part of IB’s strategic sales network.

Engagement also increased significantly in August, creating a record-setting 764.6MM total visitor minutes, as well as 534.4MM page views and 18.2MM video streams across the IB network of sites. The page view and video stream levels were the fourth- and second-highest totals in company history. Additionally, the IB network achieved record site visits from search engines.

The Weather section posted its fourth-highest page view total in history, with 76.7MM. Hurricanes across the country drove 4.7MM Weather section page views in August alone. IB sites also generated a combined 5.8MM page views to its Politics section, the second-highest total in history.

The television broadcasters in the IB network benefitted as part of this record usage. Specifically, 10 stations hit records in terms of unique visitors and/or page views throughout August. Most noteworthy, according to comScore Media Metrix, IB has 27 TV sites that ranked #1 within the top 50 DMAs.