Why Broadcasters Win in the Age of Community


Stacey-Lynn-SchulmanDigital is the golden boy in the media world, and rightly so. It still the rapidly-evolving new kid on the block, and businesses of any type ignore digital at their peril. But Stacey Lynn Schulman of Katz Media Group says that the very nature of digital actually highlights what is so great about broadcast advertising. In fact, broadcast has strengths that digital can only dream about. Her views are part of the special RBR+TVBR print edition available at the NAB Show in Las Vegas.

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Here’s a sneak preview into some of her thoughts.

On the emptiness inherent to the digital world: “Virtual communities may be growing up online, but actual communities have taken on renewed relevance. Even though the digital era has made the entire world immediately accessible, its global citizens, adrift in virtual existence, have begun yearning for something more tangible that ties them to a particular time and place.”

On the reason that local broadcast advertising is still uniquely effective: “In a world of virtual relationships, local community grounds us in authentic experience. Broadcast advertising that is ‘localized’ stands out because the velocity and variety of digital interactions today have multiplied our level of distraction and numbed us to the constant barrage of re-targeted, ‘personalized’ digital ads.”