Localism, Kekeluv still on the mike


He’s marking April as child abuse prevention month while raising money and awareness for this significant local cause (4/1/08 RBR #64).

Here was the latest update from Peak Broadcasting President of Station Development and Operations Bill Figenshu over the weekend: “He is closing in  on 95 hours. Blood pressure is normal and aside from leg pain for standing for most of the time he’s OK.

I suggested he get some footwear that provides support or something soft on the floor before blisters show on his feet. He is eating and very coherent. The staff support has been wonderful and he is never alone. On the street, the station is coming out of every nook and cranny in Ada & Canyon County. Staff report lines of cars at stop lights all playing the station at once.

The community outpouring has been phenomenal. Local radio at it very best!

Abused women from 30-40 years ago are calling to tell "their story." It will be interesting to see the web hits for the next few days at www.1033kissfm.com. He is getting calls from South Korea to Texas and NYC. The halfway point was Sunday at 2am local time. (87.5 hours.). Hour 103 will happen at 6pm Sunday.”

For a listen to the 103.3 Kiss Fm Radio on-air promotion, go to the RBR.com Media Center.

RBR observation: We checked in ourselves, and yes, on the video screen it looked like he was pouring some coffee! This type of challenge—partnering with a local charity or cause—is the root of what radio is all about—localism. Needless to say, sponsors line up to be a part of this kind of thing. We’d like to call this non-traditional revenue, but it’s the most traditional radio has—partnering with the community!