Localism: Real or forced?


Another broadcaster takes issue with Maynard Meyer’s view that the FCC’s localism proposals aren’t such a bad idea…

If Maynard thinks the new (old) localism rules are such a great idea, then I presume he’s already doing ascertainment in his market (just like the bad old pre-deregulation days) and has already established his Citizens Advisory Committee that he consults quarterly. I mean, if it’s such a great idea why wait for the government mandate?

No one knew or served our (first) city of license better than we did in the 50’s, 60’s, 70’s and 80’s (including two Georgia Stations of the Year Awards) and no one disliked that onerous task of ascertainment more than my father.  And remember that three-year license renewals, that ANYONE for ANY REASON could file against you, went with it. See how Maynard enjoys after living it for a few renewal cycles.  
Forced “Localism” is classic government overreach.  The MARKET decides whether we serve it or not.  Those broadcasters that do, have listeners and revenue; those that do not, don’t.  I don’t need the FCC (or the Congress) to tell me what best serves my market (and me and my employees.)
H. Randolph Holder
Clarke Broadcasting Corporation