LogicLab launches media marketplace


LogicLab (www.logiclabinc.com), which applies deep marketing analytics to the media buying process of evaluating, optimizing and purchasing advertising, officially launched LogicLab Media Marketplace – a new online solution for advertisers and media buyers wanting to maximize the effectiveness of their ad spend, and for media companies of all sizes that want to attract new advertisers. LogicLab’s Media Marketplace, for the first time, makes it possible to measure quantifiable results of mass media buys based on advertisers’ campaign goals.

LogicLab’s Media Marketplace uses highly sophisticated match algorithms to connect advertisers and buyers to the best advertising choices possible. Media companies first download a sampling of their subscriber files, and the LogicLab Media Marketplace goes to work comparing the information to actual consumer data. This comparison provides a more complete and highly detailed picture of each consumer. The solution then offers recommendations based on the insights and the advertiser’s unique requirements.

Media Marketplace gives smaller organizations, such as regional special-interest media, the opportunity to get noticed, matched and selected by new advertisers. In an analysis of 100 publications, for example, Media Marketplace located 23 previously unmeasured publications that were completely new – but completely relevant – to one top advertiser.

We asked LogicLab President Christopher Wilson if they plan to offer the service to radio and television buyers: “LogicLab Media Marketplace can be applied locally, regionally and nationally for all media as long as we have audience data to support the analysis. While it’s been extensively tested starting with publishers, the fundamental principles and science behind the solution can be readily applied to broadcasters right now.”