Logitek Adds Dante Capability to an Audio Console


Logitek’s Helix TV console package, a touchscreen audio console available in physical and
“virtual” formats, now provides 64 x 64 channels of Dante audio along with AES67 networking.

Powered by the JetStream Plus audio router, Helix TV integrates with such
automation/workflow systems as Ross OverDrive, Sony ELC and Vizrt’s Viz Opus / Viz Mosart, as well as various networking platforms such as Ravenna and Livewire.

Logitek notes that 24 mix-minus buses are available, as are frame delay, EQ, and dynamics at every fader. Faders on the physical surface are motorized for remote operation.

“The JetStream Plus router at the heart of our Helix TV system makes it easier for television stations to manage audio workflow, even from remote locations,” Logitek President Tag Borland said. “TV stations are continuing to look at ways to more efficiently integrate their studio equipment, and many of our customers have requested Dante capability along with automation system integration. We’re pleased to announce that it’s now available as a standard feature in the Helix TV.”

Up to 240 channels of local I/O may be directly connected to a JetStream Plus; total networking capability including Dante and AES67 is 96 channels in / 64 channels out.

All new JetStream Plus/Helix TV systems will include AES67 and Dante.