Look at the future of vehicles on tap in Senate


John RockefellerSen. Jay Rockefeller (D-VA) has put a hearing on the Commerce Committee schedule involving innovations and developments expected in the automobile business. They may have far-reaching implications for the communications industry, and in fact, that topic is on the list of discussion items.

The hearing is entitled “Vehicles of the Future,” and it will bring together the full Committee on Wednesday 5/15/13 at 2:30PM eastern

Advanced technologies will be a major area of concern, and will include systems that either partially or completely take the actual driving out of the hands of a vehicle operator.

RBR-TVBR notes that a vehicle operating on autopilot would give the “driver” freedom from keeping full attention on the road, opening up communications competition to video-capable devices.

Rockefeller stated directly that communications will be part of the hearing. On the agenda will be a discussion of “…vehicle-to-vehicle communication, as well as communications and entertainment devices for drivers.”

The witness list has not yet been announced.