Loren and Wally inducted into MA Broadcasters HOF


Loren and WallyGreater Media Boston announced 105.7 WROR-FM Morning Hosts Loren and Wally have been inducted into the Massachusetts Broadcaster’s Hall of Fame, a commemoration of their 32 years together and of their significant contributions to the city of Boston. The event took place on Thursday, September 12th at the Boston Marriott Quincy Hotel.

The organization chooses a select few of the industry’s most noteworthy members each year as inductees, specifically those who have made major contributions to Massachusetts broadcasting and broadcasting in general.

Virtually every single weekday for the past 32 years, Loren and Wally have kept listeners laughing with their good-natured morning show banter as well as their hilarious parodies, such as Tom’s Townie Tunes and Men From Maine. They’ve grown up with Boston, cheering and mourning with the city during many of its most exciting, meaningful and sad events. They were on air comforting listeners during the September 11th attacks and were cheering on the city during the recent Red Sox, Bruins, Patriots and Celtics championships.

“Loren and Wally have a natural gift for radio. When you listen to their show, you feel like you’re sitting and having coffee with your best friends who you’ve known forever,” stated Ken West, Program Director for 105.7 WROR-FM. “You have to really like the people you work with to wake up at three o’clock in the morning – especially after thirty plus years – and Loren and Wally’s constant enthusiasm and encouragement has played a big part in the continuing success of the entire station.”

Loren and Wally’s friendship extends far beyond radio and entertainment. The duo has also been extremely involved in local charitable causes and traces this work back to their love and passion for the city of Boston.

Loren Owens and Wally Brine, shown

In their three decades together, they have sold over 80,000 Tom’s Townie Tunes, Men From Maine, and Anniversary CDs to raise money for local and national charities such as the Genesis Fund and the Dunkin Donuts Community Foundation. After the city was rattled by the Boston Marathon Bombings this spring, the pair sold Fred Rogers Boston Helpers shirts to raise $46,000 for One Fund Boston to help victims.

In addition, this year Greater Media Boston and 105.7 WROR-FM announced the renewal of Loren and Wally’s contract and recently opened a new studio for the morning show team.

“I’m thrilled to continue Greater Media’s relationship with Loren and Wally,” added Peter H. Smyth, Chairman and CEO of Greater Media. “Their longevity and success as a radio show duo demonstrates their continuing passion and dedication to WROR, Greater Media, the city of Boston and, above all – their listeners. I’m honored to have them as integral members of the Greater Media family and am excited to see where the next thirty years takes them.”