For all LOST fans RBR-TVBR has been reviewing and taking an inside look at all the characters. This week: Ben has not had an easy life.  At times, you feel sorry for him and at times, you hate him.  Ben’s mother died in childbirth and his father always blamed him.  Ben and his father came to the island as part of The Darma Initiative.  His father was a drunk and abused him regularly.

As a child, Ben was shot by Sayid (who had time traveled back to the 70s).  He was taken to Richard and the Others in hopes of saving him.  Richard took him to the pool and warned that Ben would never be the same.  After that, Ben spent the rest of his days with the Others. He killed his father and all of the Darma Initiative in an attempt to protect the island.

Ben eventually became the leader of the Others and banned Charles Widmore from the island.  This leads to Widmore’s constant search for the island; and ultimately the death of Ben’s adoptive daughter Alex. 

After the Oceanic 6 escape the island, Ben “moves” the island and is dumped in to the “real” world.  He tracks down John Locke and kills him.  He takes John’s place and is returned to the island.  The only place he ever wanted to be.

Everything that Ben does is to protect the island.  He kills for the island.  He lies for the island.  He seems to love only the island.

At the end, Ben does what Ben does best.  He joins Hugo as his right hand man to protect the island from all.

In the flashsideways, Ben is a school teacher and has a doctorate.  His favorite pupil is none other than Alex.  Alex takes him home for dinner and he meets her mother, Danielle Rousseau.  We see what could be a budding relationship between them.

At the church, Ben apologizes to John for all that he’s done and tells Hugo that he’s not going to join them just yet.  He tells him that he still has some things to do.  We are made to believe that he is waiting for Danielle and Alex before moving on. 

April Starlett