'LOST’ close-up look at James “Sawyer” Ford (review)


LOST fans continue the chatter on ‘LOST; and each of the characters and stars of this historic show. This week April Starlett looks at James ‘Sawyer’ Ford:

Sawyer is a con man.  As a young boy, he watched his father kill his mother then commit suicide after being conned out of all of their money by a man using the name “Sawyer”. 

As an adult, he took on the name Sawyer and started running the same con in the hopes of tracking down the original man.  This is how he ends up in Australia.  He gets deported and is flown out on Oceanic Flight 815.

Sawyer is always looking out for number one.  He is selfish and ruthless.  At least that’s what he wants people to see.  But, he’s built of much heartier stuff and turns in to an unwilling hero.  He is in a constant battle with Jack over leadership.

Sawyer sacrificed himself to save the six who escaped the island.  He was on the helicopter heading home, when they realized they didn’t have enough fuel.  He jumped in to the water to lighten the load, which ensured their survival but left him stranded.

Sawyer was caught in flashes that jumped him and others through time.  He ended up landing in the 1970s and taking up residence in the Darma camp.  For three years he carried the title of Head of Security and lived, as a couple, with Juliette.  This ended when Jack showed up with a plan to set off a hydrogen bomb.  Sawyer didn’t want to help him; but, in hopes of saving his friends, helped anyway.  In the process, Juliette was killed.

Back in the current time, Sawyer finds out that he is one of the candidates chosen to take over for Jacob.  He’s stuck in another situation not of his making.  He joins the man in black, instead, in the hopes of getting home.  He is a con man and runs a con on the man in black.

He joins with Jack and the rest to beat the man in black and escape the island.  He is able to stay alive long enough to join Frank, Richard, Miles, Kate and Claire as they fly the Ajira plane home.

In the flashsideways, Sawyer is a police officer.  This fits him almost better than being a con man.  He finds Juliette, his true love, and they are able to let go and join their friends in happiness.

April Starlett

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