‘LOST’ Lighthouse, Jack’s flash sideways (review/video)


This episode centers around Jack and his lost half-sister Claire.  Jack seems to be the most troubled of our Losties, but also the one they all seem to look towards for leadership.  He doesn’t see himself as a leader, but reluctantly takes on the job anyway.  

Video if you missed

Jack’s flash sideways finds him in LA explaining to his mother that the airline has yet to deliver his father’s body.  He hurry’s to a private school and we find out that Jack has a son named David.  This is new.  Jack did not have a son before.  Now he does?  How much influence has Jacob and the island had on his life?  Their relationship is strained and Jack can’t figure out why.  He ends up helping his mother search for his father’s will. 

Once they find it she turns to Jack and asks if he knows anyone named Claire Littleton.  Claire is the result of an affair that Jack’s father had long ago.  Of course Jack doesn’t recognize the name.  He met Claire on the island.  Jack returns home to find his son has run away.  After a long search, he finds him auditioning for a private school.  Jack is brought to tears by his son’s piano skills.  After the performance, he runs in to another father. 

The father is Dogen, the leader at The Temple.  Jack ends up having a heart to heart with his son and tells David that his father used to tell him “You don’t have what it takes”.  Jack tells his son that he will love him always.  They leave together with smiles.  Again, we find one of “The Others” lives intertwined with that of one of the Losties.  Same question; why?

Back on the island Hurley gets a visit from Jacob’s ghost.  He tells Hurley that he needs him to do something.  He gives him directions and tells him that he must take Jack with him.  Hurley is having problems getting Jack to cooperate and of course Jack wants answer’s that Hurley doesn’t have.  Finally Hurley tells him Jacob says “you have what it takes”.  This spurs Jack in to action. 

On their journey, Jack and Hurley come across the caves where the survivors once lived.  Jack comes across his father’s empty casket again.  What is the significance of this?  They finally make it to their destination; a lighthouse.  Once they climb to the top, we see that the lighthouse uses mirrors to signal ships instead of electricity.  As Hurley is turning the dial to Jacob’s coordinates, Jack sees houses in the mirror and has Hurley stop.  Around the outside of the dial are numbers and crossed out names. 

The current candidates’ names are listed with their accompanying number.  Jack finds his name and turns the dial to 23.  Reflected in the mirrors is his childhood home.  He figures out that Jacob has been watching them and the rest for all of their lives.  This infuriates Jack and he smashes the mirrors.  After awhile, Jacob appears to Hurley again and tells him not to worry about the lighthouse that he wanted to get him and Jack as far away from The Temple as possible for their own safety.  He tells Hurley that someone bad is coming to The Temple.  Hurley wants to warn them, but Jacob tells him that it’s too late.  Who’s coming to the Temple; Flocke?  Who’s coming to the island?  Is it Desmond or is it Charles Widmore come back to claim his role as leader?

Also on the island we see Claire tending to Jin, whose leg was caught in a bear trap.  She has also captured one of The Others.  Jin asks her if she’s been all alone for the last three years.  She says no, that her father and her friend have been here with her.  She has obviously gone insane.  She doesn’t remember giving Aaron (her son) to Kate to take off the island.  She thinks The Others have stolen him and threatens her captive with an ax. Jin, in an effort to save the man’s life, tells her that Kate has been raising Aaron for the last three years.  Claire doesn’t believe him and buries the ax in the captive’s chest.  Jin figures that lying to Claire is the only way to save his life, so he tells her that The Others have Aaron at The Temple and that he can show her how to get in.  She admits that she’s happy Kate doesn’t have Aaron and that if she did she would have to kill her.  In walks Flocke.  Jin is surprised and calls out “John?”  Claire laughs and says, “That’s not John.  That’s my friend.” 

So now we know that Flocke has two recruits.  Will Jin become another?  Will Jin ultimately be the destruction of The Temple?  Let’s not forget Sayid who is supposed to be “infected”.  Where will he fall when the lines are drawn?

This wasn’t a bad episode.  It was a little slow and the flash sideways’ are pretty uneventful.  I hope that they end up having a point by the end.  We seem to be building to a battle of good versus evil.  It will be interesting to see who falls on which side and why.

April Starlett