‘LOST-Recon’ Sawyer con man with a heart (review)


Finally, we get to learn about Sawyer.  He’s our resident con man with a heart.  He’s always looking out for number one, but gets caught up in “doing the right thing” every time.  He never does this willingly, but somehow manages to save the day. 

Flash sideways:  It starts with Sawyer in bed with a woman.  It seems that he’s running the same con he’s run for years; but not so fast.  We find out that Sawyer is a cop for the LAPD.  (Shocking, right?)  He’s running a sting to capture the woman’s con man husband.  (Did you notice his code word to let the police know to come in with guns ready? LaFleur.)   We also find that Miles is Sawyer’s partner.  We see Sawyer on the phone trying to track down a man by the name of Anthony Cooper, but when asked by Miles who he is; Sawyer lies to him.  Miles sets Sawyer up on a blind date.  Who is Sawyer’s blind date?  Charlotte.  (There are so many connections this time. I love it!)  Charlotte ends up in Sawyer’s bed. (Don’t they all?)  As she’s looking through his drawer for a t-shirt, she comes a cross a folder with the name “Sawyer” written across it.  After opening it, she reads an article about a man who shoots his wife than himself, leaving a nine year old boy orphaned.  We know the article is about Sawyer’s parents.  We also know that his given name is James Ford.  He took on the name Sawyer because that was the name of the con man that pushed his father to the breaking point.  He sees Charlotte with the folder; gets angry and kicks her out at three in the morning. 

The next day at the station, Miles confronts him about being in Australia and wants to know why he lied to him.  Sawyer refuses to tell him so Miles severs their partnership.  Later Sawyer tries to apologize to Charlotte. She won’t have any of it and slams the door in his face.  Finally, he decides to come clean with Miles about everything.  He tells him about his parents and that he was able to track “Sawyer” down. He found out he was using the alias Anthony Cooper.  They are sitting in a car during the telling and the car is broadsided.  Of course, they lend chase.  Sawyer tackles the fleeing person.  Who is it?  Of course, it’s Kate.

On the island:  We see Sawyer tending to Jin as Flocke and the survivors from The Temple come into camp.  Sawyer confronts Flocke about what happened to the rest of the people at The Temple.  Flocke admits that the smoke monster killed them and that he is the smoke monster.  When asked why, Flocke says, “It’s either kill or be killed.”  He then tells Sawyer that he needs him to do something for him.  He sends Sawyer to Hydra Island to find the Ajira flight that brought the Oceanic 6 back to the island.  He tells Sawyer that he’s sending him because he’s the best liar he’s ever known.  When Sawyer gets to the island he becomes a bit nostalgic.  He comes across the cages where he and Kate were held when they were captured by the others.  It’s also the first place that he made love to her.  He makes it to the plane and finds that it’s intact and can be flown off the island if they only had a pilot.  He also comes across drag marks in the sand.  He follows them and finds the remaining passengers all dead.  He catches a woman running through the woods who claims to be the only passenger still alive.  She spins a pretty good tale, but he doesn’t believe her and pulls a gun on her.  She then lets out a whistle and they are surrounded by men with guns.  They lead Sawyer to a sub where he finds Charles Widmore.  They have a private meeting where Sawyer offers Widmore a deal.  He will go back and tell Flocke that the coast is clear if Widmore promises to allow Sawyer and any riding in his boat safe passage off the island.  Widmore accepts and allows Sawyer to leave. 

While Sawyer is on Hydra Island, Kate is sitting with an “off” Sayid trying to find out what happened at The Temple.  Claire attacks her with a knife and tries to slit her throat while Sayid just sits there and watches.  Flocke pulls Claire off of Kate and slaps her to get her to calm down.  He pulls Claire away and whispers to her.  He then takes Kate to the privacy of the beach and apologizes for Claire’s behavior.  He promises to protect her; the same as the rest.  He also tells her that he once had a mother and that she was “crazy”.  Kate doesn’t understand why he’s telling her this.  Flocke explains that now Aaron is the one with a “crazy” mother. 

Once Sawyer makes it back to Flocke’s beach, he tells him all about the deal he made with Widmore.  This leaves Flocke thinking that Sawyer is on his side and he thanks him for his loyalty. (Foolish man or beast or…whatever he is.)

In the woods Kate comes across a tearful Claire who apologizes and thanks her for taking care of Aaron all this time.  It makes you wonder what Flocke told Claire.  Doesn’t it? 

Sawyer finds Kate alone by a fire and tells her about Widmore and Flocke.  She wants to know what he’s going to do.  He tells her that he’s going to let the two of them fight it out while he gets himself and her off the island.  She scoffs and wants to know how he’s going to fly a plane.  He says, “I’m not stealing the plane.”

Great episode!  It wasn’t full of action, but it sure left us with plenty of anticipation for what’s to come.  Sawyer has managed to fool the all knowing Flocke.  Somehow, I don’t think that’s an easy thing to do.  Flocke seems to think that he can manipulate all of them for his own purposes.  Boy was he mistaken when it comes to Sawyer.  No one is better at manipulation than good old Sawyer.

I’m starting to wonder if this all ends with two of our survivors left on the island in the roles of Jacob and Flocke in a never ending cycle.  But, if that’s the case, who would it be and what would happen to the remainder of those left on the island?  Would they become those that we once called the others?  If the flash sideways’ are their lives outside of the island, they can’t just go home.  Next week, we are supposed to learn more about Richard.  Maybe this will shed some light on the ultimate outcome; maybe not.  I guess we’re going to have to watch and find out, huh?

– April Starlett