‘LOST’ reunion on the beach (review)


This episode centers around Ben.  He’s been on the island since he was a young boy and has dedicated his life to protect it.  He has gotten blood on his hands many times; all to protect the island.  Or is it to protect his status as leader?  Isn’t that why he killed Locke?

On the island:  Ben has just seen Sayid surrounded by two dead bodies and has run from The Temple.  He catches up to Ilana and the rest of the group.  Ilana hands Miles Jacob’s ashes that she took from the statue and asks him to “read” them.  Miles tells her that Ben is the one who killed Jacob.  Of course, Ben denies this.  With The Temple no longer safe, they head to the original survivor camp to regroup.  As they try to rebuild some of the camp, Ilana tells Sun that she was sent to the island to protect a Kwan.  She doesn’t know whether that is Sun or Jin, but she will protect both as they are candidates to take over for Jacob.  We also hear Frank tell Ben that he should have been flying Oceanic Flight 815, but overslept.  Ben tells him that the island found a way to bring him there anyway.  Ilana leads Ben to the graveyard and chains him to a tree.  She tells him to start digging his own grave.  She intends to shoot him and bury him for killing Jacob.  As Ben is digging, Flocke pays him a visit.  He removes Ben’s chains and tells him to run now, that he wants Ben to join him and the others.  So, Ben runs and Ilana gives chase.  Ben retrieves a gun that Flocke left for him and holds Ilana at gun point.  He tearfully tells her that he killed Jacob because he was angry.  He has always chosen the island above all else.  He says that he even chose the island over his own daughter and Jacob never cared.  He says that it doesn’t matter if she forgives him as he doesn’t forgive himself.  He tells her that he wants to join Flocke and when asked why he says, “Because he’s the only one that will have me.”  Ilana then says, “I’ll have you.”  Ben, surprised, follows her back to camp.  Will Ben stand with them?  Or will he switch sides at the last minute? 

Flash sideways:  We see Ben as a high school history teacher.  We also see Lesley (another survivor) as a science teacher.  They are having lunch and complaining about the principal.  Locke, who is still substituting, tells Ben that he should be principal since he cares so much about the school.  This sparks something in Ben.  Then we see Ben at home taking care of his ailing father.  In a previous episode, Ben kills his father and all of the Darma Initiative so that he can become part of the “others”.  When our Losties traveled back in time, they changed things for Ben.  We saw Ben and his father on the island in the 70’s.  When the evacuation order was given, they fled the island.  In a previous episode, Ben had murdered his father after many, many years on the island.  When Juliette set off the bomb, she changed Ben’s immediate future and his long term future as well. 

There’s a knock at the door and one of Ben’s students is standing there.  It’s Alex, Ben’s adoptive daughter whom he watched die on the island.  She needs his help with an exam and they make plans to meet the next morning before school.  As they are studying, Alex tells Ben a secret.  She tells him she saw the principal and the school nurse having an elicit affair.  (The principal is married.)  Ben now has the information he needs to take over as principal.  He elicits Lesley’s help.  Once he finds proof of the affair, he confronts the principal and blackmails him.  The principal says that if Ben doesn’t back off, that he will ruin Alex’s chances of getting in to Yale.  We end Ben’s flash sideways with Alex telling him that the principal has written a wonderful letter of recommendation.  Ben chose Alex over his own needs.  This time, he made the right choice.

Also on the island we see Jack and Hurley.  Jack wants to head back to The Temple, but Hurley tries to stall.  Hurley hasn’t told Jack what Jacob told him about The Temple being in ruins.  They run across Richard who leads them to the Black Rock, Rousseau’s crashed boat.  Richard has just come from The Temple and is set on dieing.  He tells them that he’s been “touched” by Jacob and given a gift.  He no longer believes that it’s a gift, but a curse.  He asks Jack to kill him and Jack concedes.  Jack lights a stick of dynamite and sits in front of Richard.  He tells Richard that Jacob brought him to the lighthouse for a reason and that he doesn’t believe that Jacob will let him die.  Jack is correct.  Right before the fuse reaches the end, it’s magically put.  We assume by Jacob.  Jack, Hurley and Richard decide to return to the beach.  As they get there, they find Ilana, Sun, Miles, Frank and Ben.  Hugs and handshakes are given.  It looks like we have are two sides.  Who will win the war?

As the reunion is happening on the beach; the camera pans out to the water.  We see a submarine starting to surface.  Wouldn’t you know it?  It’s none other than Charles Widmore.  How will his appearance play in with what’s happening?  Will he side with the good, Jack; or with the bad, Flocke? 

I liked this episode.  Ben is a murderer, no doubt about it.  Did the island and power drive him to kill?  It’s obvious that he isn’t that ruthless in the Flash Sideways.  Did the island corrupt him or was his soul already corrupted?

I wondered when they would bring Widmore back to the island.  But, I still want to know where Desmond is.  Desmond is essential to the ending of this series.  I hope that he’s not left out completely.  I would be so disappointed.

Ratings if you missed:
“LOST” pushes lead to 5 million viewers

Tuesday, March 9th
ABC grew over the year-ago Tuesday for the 5th week in a row, gaining 9% among Adults 18-49 (2.5/7 vs. 2.3/6 on 3/3/09).

“Lost” (9:00-10:02 p.m.)
Opposite the second hour of Fox’s 2-hour “American Idol” (featuring Top 10 male performances) from 9:00-10:00 p.m., ABC’s “Lost” surged over its lead-in by 5.0 million viewers (9.3 vs. 4.3 million) and by 156% in young adults (4.1/10 vs. 1.6/4) and grew its numbers from start to finish (+3% in viewers/+5% in young adults).   Despite CBS’ (original “NCIS”) and NBC’s (first hour of “Biggest Loser”) decided lead-in advantages coming into the time period, ABC’s “Lost” defeated its non-“Idol” competition in the 9 o’clock hour by wide margins in Adults 18-49 (4.1/10), outpacing the second hour of NBC’s 2-hour “Biggest Loser” by 24% (3.3/8) and CBS’ original “NCIS: LA” by 32% (3.1/8). 

“Lost” finished as Tuesday’s No. 1 scripted TV program for the 5th consecutive week in Adults 18-49, Adults 18-34 and among key Men (M18-34/M18-49). 

– April Starlett