‘LOST’ the End bitter sweet; Jack washed up on the beach (review)


The last episode, I just can’t believe that it’s over.  It’s such a bitter sweet moment.  Although, we finally know how it ends, it’s sad to know that it has ended.

The show starts with a mesh of both the island and the flashsideways.  We see each of our remaining characters as they are on the island and as they are in the flashsideways.  Then it starts.

On the island we see Jack, Kate, Sawyer and Hugo.  They come up with a plan of action.  Sawyer is going to try to find Desmond and the rest are going to head towards the heart of the island and the light.  Jack has told them that he must stop Flocke from putting out the light.  Kate wants to know why Jack must do this and he tells her that it’s what he’s supposed to do and that the island is all that he has left.

Then we see Sawyer watching Flocke at the well where Desmond was being kept.  Ben finds him and holds him at gunpoint.  Flocke tells Sawyer that he needs Desmond to destroy the island.  Sawyer forcefully removes the gun from Ben’s hands and takes off towards the woods.  Flocke notices dog prints at the base of the well and figures out who has freed Desmond.

Desmond is woken up, in the camp of Rose and Bernard, very unceremoniously by a licking Vincent.  Bernard heads off to find fish and Rose tells Desmond that he must eat and leave; that they’ve broken a vow they made to each other by helping him.  Before this can happen, Bernard comes back to camp with Flocke and Ben trailing him.  Flocke tells Desmond to come with him or he will kill both Rose and Bernard.  Desmond makes Flocke give his word to leave them alone before following.  As they are walking towards the light we hear a screech coming from Ben’s walkie talkie.  He’s able to turn it off before Flocke can figure out what the noise is.

Miles is trying to reach Ben to let him know that he’s found Richard and that they are heading towards the Ajira plane to use the C4.  When he gets no response from Ben, they head to Hydra Island without him.  As they are paddling through the water and the debris left behind by the submarine, they come across Frank Lapidus.  (He’s not dead.  At least someone survived!)  They pull Frank out of the water and decide to fly the plane off the island, rather than destroying it. 

Sawyer catches up to Jack and the others and tells them of Flocke’s plans.  Jack tells them not to worry and that they’ll catch up to him eventually.  After all, they are all heading to the same place.  He tells them that he thinks that Desmond isn’t a way to destroy the island, but a weapon that can be used against Flocke.  Just as Jack predicted, they do end up meeting Flocke, Ben and Desmond on the way to the light.  They end up traveling together.  After awhile, Flocke stops them all and tells Jack that it needs to be only the three of them that go on; Flocke, Jack and Desmond.  Jack agrees and they leave the others behind. 

They arrive at the entrance to the light.  Once they enter, they find a cliff and we see a beautiful underground waterfall.  Jack and Flocke tie a rope around Desmond’s waist and lower him down.  Desmond walks on to find a pool with a beautiful light emanating from the center.  He walks into the water and has a strong reaction.  It’s almost as if he’s being electrocuted.  He makes it to a large rock at the center; which he removes.  Once the rock is removed, the light goes out and the water is drained from the cavern.  We then see a strong red light emanating from where the rock once stood.  Desmond cries out, “NO!”  He expected to be transported off of the island and to his happily ever after.  That didn’t happen.  He collapses on the side of the pool.

Meanwhile, Ben has been able to get Miles on the walkie talkie and Miles has told them that they are flying off of the island and that they have one hour to reach the plane.  There is no way that they can reach Hydra Island that fast.  At least, until Ben informs them that Flocke has a boat that they can use.  As they start to head out a huge earthquake rocks the island.  Ben pushes Hugo out of the way of a falling tree, saving his life, only to be pinned under the tree himself.  Sawyer, Kate and Hugo work on freeing him.

As the earthquake rocks the island, Flocke looks at Jack and tells him, “You were wrong” and leaves the cavern.  Jack follows him and punches him in the face.  Surprisingly, Flocke is knocked to the ground and starts bleeding.  He’s not immune any longer.  Jack jumps on Flocke to kill him, but Flocke is able to hit Jack with a rock instead and run away leaving Jack unconscious on the ground.  Jack comes around to find that he’s alone and gives chase.

Flocke has made it back to the cave where the candidate names were written.  At the base of the cliff is Desmond’s boat.  Before he can climb down the ladder, Jack confronts him and they start fighting again.  (This was an amazing scene.)  Jack and Flocke are punching each other and rolling across the top of the cliff.  Jack gets the upper hand and is strangling Flocke, but Flocke is able to reach his knife and stabs Jack in the side.  He flips Jack over and tries to stab him in the throat.  Jack is able to stop him, but is still nicked in the neck.  It looks as if Jack is done for when a shot rings out and Flocke rolls off of him.  It’s Kate.  Jack kicks Flocke over the cliff and we see his dead body lying on a ledge far below. 

Just then another earthquake rocks the island as Sawyer, Ben and Hugo rush out of the woods.  Jack tells them that he’s not leaving the island; that he has to go back and fix what Desmond did.  Kate and Jack must say a final goodbye.  They exchange a passionate kiss and through tears express their love for each other.

Ben also refuses to leave the island and decides to go with Jack.  Hugo won’t climb down the cliff, so he also heads out with Jack.  This only leaves Sawyer and Kate on the cliff.  They get in contact with Frank on the plane and he tells them that they need to hurry up if they want a ride.  Kate looks at Sawyer and says, “I’ll see you on the boat,” as she jumps off the cliff.  Sawyer dives in after her.

(There’s a cute scene in here where Miles has to fix the hydraulics of the plane with duct tape.  Anyone get flashes of MacGyver here?)

Jack, Ben and Hugo have made it back to the light as another earthquake shakes the island.  Hugo doesn’t want to let Jack go to his death, but he can’t convince him to stay.  Jack tells Hugo that he must now protect the island; that there is nobody else.  Hugo doesn’t want to, but drinks the water anyway.  Jack puts a hand on his shoulder and says, “Now you’re like me.”

Jack ties a rope around his waste and Ben and Hugo lower him down the same ledge that Desmond went down.  Jack reaches Desmond’s body and we see that he’s still alive.  Jack drags him back to the ledge and ties the rope around his waste.  Desmond wants to take Jack’s place, but Jack tells him to go home to his wife and son.

Jack heads back to the empty pool and drags the rock back to the hole.  He struggles with it, but is able to fit it in to the empty hole.  But, it doesn’t seem to work and he collapses against the side.  Jack’s given up hope when water starts to trickle back in to the pool and the light comes back on.  He lays in the pool laughing.

Ben and Hugo see the light and while screaming Jack’s name, start pulling the rope up.  To their surprise, they pull up Desmond instead.  Desmond tells Hugo that Jack is dead. 

While all of this is happening, Frank, Richard and Miles finally get the plane started.  Kate and Sawyer arrive on Hydra Island to find Claire sitting alone on the beach.  Claire refuses to go with Kate.  She doesn’t want Aaron to see her in the “crazy” state the island has made her.  Kate tells her not to worry; that she’s not alone.  Claire, reassured, goes with her.

Frank backs the plane up to give them enough room to take off when he sees Sawyer come out of the woods waving his arms.  He stops the plane and lets the three on.  The island is being rocked by earthquakes and the ground is opening up under the plane.  They almost run out of runway, when the plane lifts off the ground. They are finally free.

 Hugo and Ben have pulled Desmond out of the cavern and Ben gently places his backpack under his head as a pillow.  Hugo is confused.  He never wanted this job and doesn’t know what to do next.  Ben suggests that they get Desmond home.  Hugo says, “No one is allowed to leave.”  Ben tells him that was Jacob’s rule and suggests that they try something different.  Hugo looks at Ben and asks him if he will help him.  Ben is astonished.  Hugo asks him to stay with him to look over the island.  Ben answers with “I’d be honored”. 

In the flashsideways we see an Oceanic van pulling up to a church with Jack’s dad’s coffin inside.  Desmond is there to sign for the body and tells the men where to place it.  Kate is waiting for him in the car and asks him why they are here.  He tells her that no one can tell her why.

Then we see Hugo and Sayid pull in to a motel lot.  Hugo pulls out a tranquilizer gun and asks Sayid if “this rings any bells”.  Sayid doesn’t remember anything.  Hugo gets out of the van and knocks on one of the doors.  Charlie answers and wants to know what he wants.  Hugo, with a big grin on his face, tells him that he’s here to take him to the concert.  Charlie doesn’t want to go, so Hugo shoots him with the tranquilizer and puts him in the back of his Hummer. 

At the concert, Miles is getting out of his car when he sees Sayid leaving with Hugo.  He calls Sawyer and tells him to go to the Kwans and offer his protection.  Sawyer agrees and heads to the hospital.

Then we see Sun and Jin in the hospital talking about the options for the rest of their lives.  In walks a doctor, who is none other than Juliette, to perform a sonogram.  As the sonogram is being done Sun gets flashes and remembers the first sonogram that Juliette performed for her on the island.  She looks at Jin with tears in her eyes and then Jin starts having flashes, also.  When they are asked by Juliette if they want to know the sex of their child, they answer her in perfect English.  They have flashed through everything that happened on the island; even their deaths.  They give each other a knowing look and Sun gets up and starts getting dressed.

Jack is preparing for John’s surgery when he meets Juliette in the hallway.  He gives her the concert tickets as his son walks up.  We find out that Juliette is Jack’s ex-wife and the mother of his son.  We also find out that Claire will be going to the concert instead of Jack.

Hugo has taken Sayid to a dark street and they are sitting in the Hummer.  Sayid wants to know why they are there, but Hugo won’t tell him.  Then, across the street we see two men pull another out of a bar and start punching him.  A woman comes out of the bar to help the man and she is pushed to the ground.  Sayid doesn’t need to see anything further.  He gets out of the truck to help.  He reaches out to the woman and it’s Shannon.  She gets flashes at the same time that he does.  They see the love that they shared on the island and remember each other.  We then see someone at the passenger window talking to Hugo.  It’s Boone.  He helped Hugo set up the fight to aide both Shannon and Sayid to remember.

The concert is about to start and we see Juliette, David and Claire waiting in line when Juliette gets an urgent page from the hospital and has to leave.  David and Claire are taken to their seats.  Desmond and Kate have already been seated at the same table.  The band starts and when Charlie sees Claire he stops playing and just stares at her.  She doesn’t remember him.  Then she gets a labor pain and excuses herself.  She’s trying to find the bathroom when Kate comes up behind her.  She’s going to have her baby right then.  Kate lays her down on a couch and helps her to deliver Aaron.  During the delivery, Kate has flashes of the first time she delivered Aaron.  When she lays Aaron on Claire’s chest, Claire has flashes and also remembers.  Charlie runs in with a blanket and both women remember him.  When he lays the blanket over Claire, he starts having flashes.  Claire and Charlie embrace and kiss through their tears.

Jack has finished up John’s surgery and giving the nurse instructions when John wakes up.  This surprises Jack and he tries to get John to relax.  John is able to feel his legs already and proves it by moving his toes.  When he does this, he starts seeing flashes and remembers.  Jack also has some flashes, but refuses to acknowledge them.  John says to Jack as he is leaving that he hopes that he can one day do for Jack what Jack has done for him.

Sawyer has arrived at Sun’s hospital room to find her dressed and both of them leaving.  He shows them a picture of Sayid; tells them that he’s escaped custody and that he’s there to protect them.  Sun tells him that they don’t need protection and that they’ll see him “when he gets there”. 

Sawyer passes Jack in the hallway and asks where he can find some food.  Jack points him in the direction of the vending machines.  Sawyer puts his dollar in and doesn’t get his candy bar.  Juliette sees him shaking the machine and offers to help.  Once the candy bar has dropped, Juliette grabs it and hands it to him.  Their fingers touch and they both get flashes.  They are on their knees in front of the machine when they both remember.  They burst in to tears and hug each other. (I was crying my eyes out by this point.)

Jack arrives at the concert to see that it’s already ended.  Kate walks up to him and they start talking.  Jack remembers her from somewhere, but can’t figure out where.  She puts her hands on either side of his face and he has flashes.  He’s scared and doesn’t understand, so she asks him to trust her and to come with her.

We see a cab pull up to the church where Jack’s dad’s body was delivered.  John is in the back and sits in the wheelchair that the driver has taken out of the trunk.  John starts to wheel himself to the church when he comes across Ben sitting in the courtyard.  They exchange hellos and Ben apologizes to John for all that he has done to him.  He makes it clear how sorry he is.  John gives him a huge smile and tells him that he has forgiven him.  Ben reminds John that he doesn’t need the wheelchair anymore and John stands and walks in to the church.

Hugo opens the church door and sees Ben still sitting in the courtyard.  He wants to know if Ben is going to join them.  Ben says that there are still a few things for him to do first.  Hugo says okay and starts to go back in to the church, but turns back to Ben and tells him that he was a really good #2.  Ben responds by telling Hugo that he was a great #1.

Jack and Kate pull in to the church parking lot and Jack remembers that this is the church where he was to have his dad’s funeral.  Kate tells him that she’s going in and that he can go through the back; that she’ll be waiting inside for him. 

Back at the church, Jack has come across his dad’s casket.  He places his hand on the casket and gets flashes.  He pulls his hand away quickly; scared.  He places them back on and remembers everything.  Then he hears his dad’s voice behind him.  Jack tells his dad, “You died.”  His dad says he knows.  After a moment, Jack realizes that he’s dead, too.  His dad tells him that it’s okay and they embrace.  Jack asks him if he’s real.  Christian tells him that he hopes so and they share a laugh.  Jack wants to know what this place is and if everyone else is dead, too.  Christian explains that this place is something that they have all created, through their bond, as a waypoint so that they could all find each other again.  Yes they are all dead, some before Jack and some long after.  He tells Jack that they all needed each other to remember and to let go.  Jack enters the church to see all of his beloved friends.  They are embracing each other and laughing with each other.  Jack walks in to the mix; gives and receives hugs and smiles.  Everyone is there; Rose and Bernard; Sawyer and Juliette; Sayid and Shannon; Sun and Jin; Hugo and Libby; Desmond and Penny.  John tells him that they’ve been waiting for him.  Kate takes his hand and they all sit down in the pews.  Christian walks to the doors behind them.  When he throws them open, we see a blinding light.  Slowly the light enters the church and overcomes all of them until we see nothing but the light.

One last flash to the island; we see that Jack has washed up on the beach in the same spot that the man in black had washed up so long ago.  But, Jack isn’t dead.  He pulls himself ashore and starts to wander through the bamboo forest.  He is in very bad shape and collapses.  Vincent comes out of the woods and lies down next to him.  He’s laying on his back staring up at a beautiful blue sky when he sees the Ajira plane.  His friends are going home.  The last image we see is Jack’s eye closing for the last time.

What a poignant ending.  The first scene that we saw when the show started was Jack’s eye opening and Vincent.  To have the last scene be Jack’s last site was so fitting.

I know there are people who don’t understand the ending and those that do.  I know that there are people who hated the ending and those that didn’t.  I think we all have to take from it what we want.  Some say that they didn’t get all of the answers that they wanted.  It wouldn’t be Lost if we weren’t left with a few question.  I got the answers that mattered to me. 

I want to believe that the island was real; that everything they went through strengthened their bond to unbreakable.  I want to believe that the flashsideways is the “waiting spot” (you give it whatever name fits for you; purgatory, etc.).  I want to believe that each waited for each other, until they were all together, to enter the next existence; whatever that may be.

I was happy with this ending.  All I wanted for each character was to be able to find their own happily ever after.  I believe that they did.

We are all given the gift of being able to create that unbreakable bond with the people in our lives.  I believe that if that bond is strong enough, it can last long after this life.  I want to believe that those I love are waiting for me. I want to believe that those I leave behind will know I will be waiting for them when their time comes.

I give many thanks and applause to the minds of Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse for creating something so extraordinary. There has never been a show like this before, and there will never be a show like this again.  Oh, I’m sure writers, producers and networks will try.  But, they will never ever come close.

What are your feelings on the finale?  I’d love to hear your perspective and thoughts.

April Starlett