‘LOST, What Kate Does’ escaped the bounty hunter (review)


This episode is all about Kate.  As in previous seasons, we are getting a look at one character per episode.  We get the current Kate, on the island, and we get the “flash sideways” of Kate after Flight 815 lands in LA.

On the island:  Kate has convinced The Others to let her track Sawyer and bring him back to the temple.  She escapes from The Others and finds Sawyer who is grieving for Juliette.  Kate’s only reason for agreeing to return to the island was to find Claire.  Kate took Clair’s son Aaron off the island with her when the Oceanic 6 left.  Kate asks Sawyer to help her, but his grief is too strong.  She heads out alone.

The Flash Sideways:  Kate has escaped the bounty hunter holding her.  She hijacks a cab at gunpoint to escape the airport.  Of course, a very pregnant Claire is the passenger.  Kate feels bad and finds Claire to return her luggage full of baby clothes and toys.  Claire goes in to labor and Kate takes her to the hospital.  Kate stays with her.  There is a connection between the two women.  (We know why, but will either remember?)  Claire’s OB/GYN just happens to be Ethan; the same Ethan that kidnapped Claire earlier in the series and performed “tests” on her.  Claire is afraid of losing her baby and blurts out his name – Aaron.  She admits to Kate later that she never thought about his name before; that it just seemed right.  Claire lies to the police to protect Kate and then gives Kate her credit card.  Kate tells Claire that she’s innocent, but we all remember that Kate blew up her house with her father in it. 

We do see some of our other characters back on the island.  Sayid is tortured by Dogen.  Dogen tries to get Jack to give Sayid a pill.  He tells Jack it is medicine.  Jack doesn’t believe him and takes it himself.  Dogen then admits that it’s poison and that Sayid is “claimed”; that he has a darkness growing in him that will “take over” Sayid and all the good we know will be gone.  Dogen says that it’s the same thing that happened to Jack’s sister; Claire.  Jin, who agreed to help Kate find Sawyer, has headed back to the temple.  The guards that Kate knocked out find him and one almost kills him.  But, someone shoots him before he has a chance.  That someone is none other than Claire.

So, what did we learn this episode?  Not much.  Do we have any new questions?  Not really.  We’ve been wondering what happened to Claire for awhile.  Maybe we’ll find out.  This wasn’t the best episode I’ve seen.  I would imagine the following episodes will run along this same vein.  After such a wonderful season opener, it’s disappointing to have such a slow episode this early in the season.  I hope the following filler episodes give a little bit more.

– April Starlett

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