‘LOST’ – What They Died For, wow, can’t believe it (review)


The second to the last episode, wow.  I can’t believe we’ve actually reached the end of this show.  I’ve watched religiously for six years.  I am amazed that we’ve all been glued for so long.  This episode sets us up for the finale and does a pretty good job.

Flashsideways:  We start with breakfast at Jack’s home with him, his son and Claire.  They are discussing a concert, where David is performing, at the museum that night.  Breakfast is interrupted by a phone call.  A representative from Oceanic Air is calling and informs Jack that they have found his lost cargo and wonders if he can meet them at the end of the day.  Jack agrees.

Then we see who is making the call to Jack and it is Desmond.  He’s sitting in front of John’s school watching him wheel himself in.  He’s interrupted by Ben who is set to call the cops.  Desmond starts punching him and tells him that he’s not here to hurt John, but to make him “let go”.  As Ben is getting pounded, he starts having flashes of another time when Desmond let loose on him.  Desmond throws him to the ground and leaves.

Next we see Ben getting his injuries tended to when John comes in.  He’s in the process of calling the police when Ben tells him what Desmond said.  John hangs up and has a look of wonder on his face.

Then we see the police station where Sawyer and Miles work.  Miles is getting ready to attend a concert at his father’s museum and asks Sawyer to attend.  Sawyer doesn’t want to come face to face with Charlotte again, so he declines.  Then in walks Desmond.  He admits to Sawyer that he is the person who perpetrated the hit and run on John Locke and beat Ben Linus.  He is taken to a holding cell.  His cell mate is none other than Sayid.  The prisoner in the connecting cell is Kate.

Ben is leaving school when Alex sees how hurt he is and asks her mother to give him a ride home.  Her mother is of course Danielle Rousseau.  She insists on him staying for dinner and he can’t refuse.  At dinner he finds out that Alex lost her father at the age of three and that she thinks of Ben as a father figure.  Ben and Danielle share a meaningful moment.  Do I see a possible romance blossoming?

John arrives at Jack’s office and tells him all of the coincidences he’s been through in the last few days.  He says that this has “happened for a reason” and tells Jack that he wants him to “fix me”.

Back at the police station, Desmond, Sayid and Kate are being transported to county lockup.  Once they are in the van Desmond offers Kate and Sayid freedom, but at a cost.  He tells them that if he lets them leave with him, they have to trust him and do what he says.  They agree.  The van comes to a halt and the driver opens the back wanting to make sure her money is waiting.  It’s Anna Lucia.  A van pulls up and who’s driving it?  Hugo.  He recognizes Anna Lucia and wants to know if she’s coming with them.  Desmond says that she’s not ready yet.  He tells Sayid to go with Hurley and hands Kate a dress.  He tells her that she is coming with him to a concert.

On the island:  We start off with Jack stitching Kate’s shoulder.  We see a great scene where Jack, Kate, Sawyer and Hurley are standing at the beach looking out to sea and their dead friends.  Jack tells them that they need to find the well Sayid talked about and save Desmond.  They head off with steel in their spines. 

Then we see Ben, Richard and Miles heading to the Darma village.  Ben assures them that he has C4 stowed away behind his dresser.  They get the explosives and are interrupted by a noise.  It’s Zoe in the kitchen.  Widmore enters the cabin a minute later.  Widmore tells Ben that he got back to the island because Jacob told him how.  He also tells him that Jacob told him everything he needs to know to defeat “him”.  He also tells him that he brought Desmond back with him and that Desmond is their “last chance”. Ben is upset about this.  (We all know the bad blood between these two.)  Widmore sends Zoe to their boat to destroy their things before Flocke finds it.  She radios back to him that it’s too late; that Flocke is already here.  She hurries back to the cabin and Ben shows them his hiding spot.  Widmore, Zoe and Miles enter, but before the door is closed, Ben takes Widmore and Zoe’s walkie talkies.  He gives one to Miles and takes the other incase they need to reach each other.  Miles is set to run.  There is a hidden tunnel that leads to the woods.  Richard doesn’t hide, but tells them that he will buy them some time by talking to Flocke.  Richard and Ben head outside.  Out of the woods comes the black smoke.  It picks Richard up and throws him in to the woods, then disappears.  Ben is shocked and a bit scared.  He sits on a chair to wait.  He doesn’t have to wait long.  Flocke comes around the corner and sits next to Ben.  He tells Ben that he has some people that he needs Ben to kill for him. Ben says, “Ok.”

Ben tells Flocke exactly where Widmore and Zoe are hidden.  Flocke finds them and slits Zoe’s throat.  He tells Widmore that if he doesn’t tell him what he wants to know that he will kill his daughter when he gets off the island.  Widmore refuses to talk in front of Ben.  He leans in to whisper in Flocke’s ear.  We hear gun shots and see that Ben has shot Widmore.  When asked why he says, “He doesn’t get to save his daughter”.  Flocke isn’t concerned.  He tells Ben that Widmore told him all he needed to know. What did Widmore whisper into Flocke’s ear?

On another part of the island we see Jack and the others trying to find the well Desmond is in.  Hurley sees a teenage boy, Jacob.  The boy demands the ashes that Hurley took from Ilana.  Hurley gives them to him and the boy runs away.  Hurley gives chase.  He breaks in to a small clearing to see Jacob (as a man) sitting by a fire.  Jacob tells him that the ashes are in the fire and when the fire goes out, he will be gone forever.  He tells Hurley to bring his friends back to the fire.

Jack, Kate, Sawyer and Hurley enter Jacobs clearing.  Amazingly, they can all see him.  He tells them to sit and he will explain to them why he chose them and that when the fire goes out, one of them will have taken his place.  He tells them that they all had nothing off of the island and that they needed the island as much as it needed them, which is what made them candidates.  He tells Kate that he crossed her name off because she had become a mother.  He tells them about the light and that they need to ensure that the light never goes out.  He tells them about a mistake he made and how all they know may die because of it.  He wants one of them to make the choice to take his place.  Jack wants to know if it’s possible to kill the monster.  Jacob replies with, “I hope so.”  Jack decides to take Jacob’s place.  He says that it’s what he was meant to do; it’s why he is there.

Jacob takes Jack aside and tells him how to find the light.  He says an incantation over a cup of water and tells Jack to drink.  Once Jack is finished Jacob looks at him and says, “Now you are like me.”

Finally we see Flocke and Ben arrive at the well where Desmond is supposed to be dead.  They find the well empty.  Someone had lowered a rope and helped Desmond out.  Who did this?  Flocke tells Ben that they must find Desmond; that he will be able to help him destroy the island.  One question, where is Claire?  Could she have helped Desmond?

I really enjoyed this episode.  There wasn’t a lot of action, but it did a very good job setting up the finale.  Finally, we see something happening with the flashsideways and I am full of anticipation to see how this will play out.  We finally have Jacob’s replacement and our Losties are ready to do battle. 

I hope that the finale gives us everything we want and need to feel satisfied with the show as a whole. 

We have a night full of Lost this Sunday.  We have a two hour synopsis and then the two and a half hour finale.  We also will get a special Jimmy Kimmel Live with our cast members.  The promo also says that we will get alternate endings.  I so want to see that.

Enjoy, my fellow fans, and let me know what you think.  I am always open to your thoughts.

April Starlett