Lotteries and Little Rock spots examined


Media Monitors has detailed radio spots last week for Lotteries and Little Rock, AR–the 85th largest radio market with a population of 542,000.

It is not a surprise that the #1 advertiser on the radio in Little Rock would be WAL-MART running 1,022 spots. #2 was the ARKANSAS STATE FAIR with 827 spots, while CRAIN FORD OF LITTLE ROCK was #3 airing 745 commercials. CRAIN MAZDA was #4 with 459 spots and HOME DEPOT was #5 running 390 ads. AT&T was #6 with 358 spots, while AT&T INTERNET SERVICES was #7 with 330 spots. KROGER was #8, up from #17 with their 308 spots, while LITTELROCKHELPWANTED.COM was #9 airing 292 announcements. #10 was CRAIN MITSUBISHI with 272 spots. The Crain Automotive Team ran 1,476 ads on the radio last week.

Getting lucky is what they sell and the #1 LOTTERY (in terms of number of spots) was the NEW YORK LOTTERY running 1,486 spots. Coming in #2 was TEXAS LOTTERY with 1,312, while WASHINGTON’S LOTTERY (state) was #3 with 829. SOUTH CAROLINA EDUCATION LOTTERY was #4 running 519 spots, while FLORIDA LOTTERY was #5 with 493 ads. ILLINOIS LOTTERY was #7 airing 438 spots and the NEW JERSEY LOTTERY was #7 with 390 spots. MARYLAND LOTTERY was #8 with 335 spots, while LOUISIANA LOTTERY was #9 with 331. Coming in #10, the home of the Mega Millions game was the GEORGIA LOTTERY with 328 spots.

On the national level, the king is back on top this week, WAL-MART was #1 with 59,659 spots. Coming in #2 was HOME DEPOT with 32,248 spots, while the HD DIGITAL RADIO ALLIANCE was #3 airing 24,433 spots. Coming in #4 was VERIZON with 22,529 spots and #5 was GEICO with 22,383 spots.