Lou Dobbs Tonight returns on FOX Business Network


As promised back in November, FOX Business Network (FBN) is bringing “Lou Dobbs Tonight” back to viewers on 3/14. The nightly, hour-long show will air 7:00-8:00 PM/ET featuring a breakdown of the day’s top stories and how they impact the economy, announced Kevin Magee, EVP of the network

Similar to his CNN show format (and carrying the same name) which he resigned from in November 2009, Dobbs will be joined by a variety of experts each evening and examine the news of the day with a focus how it affects American taxpayers. The live program will also feature a “Lou Dobbs’ Moneyline” segment designed to highlight emerging financial trends and top market moves.

FBN’s primetime lineup will now be led by CAVUTO hosted by Neil Cavuto at 6PM/ET followed by Lou Dobbs Tonight (7 PM/ET) and FreedomWatch hosted by Judge Andrew Napolitano (8 PM/ET). America’s Nightly Scoreboard with David Asman will move to 9 PM/ET and Eric Bolling’s Follow the Money will appear weeknights at 10 PM/ET, with the exception of Thursdays when Stossel hosted by John Stossel will run at 10 PM/ET.

On the radio side, Dobbs will keep the M-F 2PM-5PM “The Lou Dobbs Show” and “The Lou Dobbs Financial Reports,” 3X daily vignettes distributed by United Stations Radio Networks.

Dobbs may have left CNN after a controversy that began 7/09 when he was the only mainstream news anchor to speak out on the President Obama birther conspiracy theory–that he wasn’t born in the United States. Liberal advocacy groups, including Media Matters and the Southern Poverty Law Center, criticized. The stir eventually caused CNN President Jon Klein to ask Dobbs to tone it down via an internal memo (Klein left CNN in September 2010). Dobbs was also outspoken against illegal immigration, which caused some pushback from Latino advocacy groups.