Louisville, KY and software/hardware spots revealed


According to Arbitron, Louisville, KY is the 54th largest radio market with a population of 960,600. According to Media Monitors, the #1 radio advertiser in that market was The Kia Store with 1,272 spots. Chevrolet was #2 with 690 spots, while The Home Depot was #3 airing 580 announcements. Geico was #4 with 579 spots and Shane Company was #5 running 484 commercials. Coming  in at #6 was Kroger with 457 ads, while Safelite Autoglass was #7, up from #19, airing 432 spots. Hyundai was #8 with 335 ads and Subway was #9 with 332 spots. And in at #10, AutoZone ran 331 spots to make the Spot Ten.

In the category of Computers/Software/Hardware the #1 advertiser in the USA last week was Barracuda Networks with 1,791 spots. Cyberdefender was #2 with 1,708 spots, while GoToMyPC was #3 with 582 spots. Nuance was #4 with 434 spots and Ascentive was #5, up from #18 with 341 spots. Trend Micro was #6 with 241 ads, while PenteleData was #7 with 238 commercials. IBM was down from #1 to #8 with 185 spots and GoToAssist (Citrix Systems) was #9 airing 166 spots. IinternetSafety.com was #10 with 152 spots.

#1 for another week was The Home Depot running 45,368 commercials. Geico  stayed #2 with 42,545 ads, while Safelite AutoGlass was #3 with 32,527 spots. McDonald’s was #4 with 27,530 spots and coming in #5 was AutoZone with 23,331 spots.

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