Low-Power Broadcasters Choose Dielectric Powerlite


DielectricDuring the initial DTV transition in 1998-2002, some half of the roughly 1,600 TV stations on the air had in-house RF engineers; today, that figure is more like 200, according to buyer’s agent Jim Heard, who owns DTVPros.

Heard says going with the Dielectric Powerlite line can save TV stations design time and money. Powerlite is a series of low-power VHF and UHF systems that come with an antenna, flex transmission line and filtering customized for each station and power level. The manufacturer says Powerlite Minimizes design costs, and eliminates the need to procure separate components to build complete systems.

DTVPros has signed agreements with TV stations in California, North Dakota and Wisconsin to install Dielectric Powerlite systems.