Low power owners team for typhoon relief campaign


LPTVDan Viles of CANNY TV Productions and Randy Weigner of DTV LLC Stations are putting the combined reach of their LPTV fleet and production facilities to work for the benefit of victims of the recent weather disaster in the Philippines.

CANNY has put together the creative for PSAs seeking donations to send to the stricken nation, which it is airing on its Albany NY-area station.

DTV LLC is adding at untold viewers via its fleet of major market LPTV outlets. The company is active in Philadelphia, Dallas, Atlanta, Miami, Cleveland, San Diego and Tampa-St. Petersburg.

Viles is hoping that other outlets will also put the PSAs before the public. He said anything at all is helpful – it might make somebody safe, provide a meal, even save a life.

RBR-TVBR observation: This is a demonstration of the public interest value of the low power service. We sincerely hope that the FCC does not proceed to completely trample LPTV in service of mobile broadband, as it sometimes seems to intend.

The PSA can be accessed at this Youtube location.

Or you can access it with the following link: