Low power TV apps must ditch analog plans


The FCC is not going to consider the addition of any new analog signals in the television space, and all companies that have a pending application for a new LPTV or TV translator – and there are a lot of them – have to get amendments to construct a digital facility in to the Commission pronto.

The deadline to amend an application to specify digital operation is 5/24/10. They must be filed on FCC Form 346, and the filing must be made electronically – paper-borne amendments will not be accepted. And they will be considered a major change, and are therefore subject to a $705 filing fee.

Applications that are not amended to specify digital operation by the deadline will not be processed.

RBR-TVBR observation: The FCC attached a list of pending applications which runs 20 pages, and a lot of individual applicants are listed multiple times. At $705 bucks a pop, these amendments could run into a significant chunk of change for some.