Low power TVs sold


LPTVApplications and contracts have been filed with the FCC for the sale of LPTV stations in Salt Lake City UT and Vero Beach FL.

The Salt Lake station is KUTB-LD, operating on digital Channel 18.

The seller is Larry Soule’s Soule Video Productions. The buyer is EICB East LLC, headed by Randall Weiss.

The price is $85,000. The buyer will make a number of relatively small cash advances and pay the balance in cash at closing. As part of the deal, the seller has promised to install transmission and receiving equipment at no extra charge.

WMMF-LP is the Vero Beach station. It’s on analog Channel 19 and holds a CP to move to digital Channel 39.

It’s going from David P. Stapleton, trustee for Pappas Telecasting of the Treasure Coast, to Dominique Castelli’s Vinions LLC.

The price is $25,000 cash.

In Vero Beach is part of the Fort Pierce-Vero Beach radio market and under the umbrella of larger West Palm Beach, further to the south on the television market chart.