Low Volume, High Price: Cumulus Stock Gains Again


Its average volume is no more than 7,000 shares. But, its current value is higher than radio industry heavyweights such as Beasley Broadcast Group and Entercom. It’s a new era for Cumulus Media, and its stock is approaching $20 a share.

At the Closing Bell on Tuesday, Cumulus stock finished at $19.05, good for a seven-cent gain from Monday.

But, trading was rather tepid — again.

With average volume of just 6,851 shares, volume on Tuesday was 1,496.

The continued growth for Cumulus brings its market cap to $558.3 million.

And, it gets it closer to a mark other radio industry companies may not see for quite some time.

Beasley shares were up 12 cents on Tuesday, to $6.88.

Entercom stock was up 15 cents, to $7.75.

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