LPFM filing window in jeopardy


WindowPrometheus Radio Project has invested years in the effort to increase the population of LPFMs and help them break into America’s largest media markets. But the government shutdown has hit with the fruit of its labor – the LPFM filing window – only two weeks away.

Even with the federal government is back in business when the LPFM window is scheduled to open 10/15/13, prospective applicants in the process of preparing the use it may find their progress blocked by the lack of access to the FCC website.

Prometheus noted that the FCC is for all intents and purposes closed, and said, “This includes the FCC’s Consolidated Database System (CDBS), which hosts the LPFM online form through which all LPFM applicants must apply. The shutdown has also temporarily limited certain functions of Prometheus’s in-house LPFM technical support software, RFree. However, we expect RFree to be back at 100 percent within a few days.”

The FCC has made no comment on how the LPFM proceeding will be affected (indeed, there likely is nobody there TO comment), so Prometheus for now is operating as if nothing will change.

However, the organization is taking the shutdown into account. Prometheus stated, “Meanwhile, we will press the FCC leadership to make fair accommodations to those applicants who may require additional time due to the effects of the shutdown. (We are confident they will oblige).  As the situation in Washington evolves, we will keep you informed and prepared so that you all have the opportunity to submit successful LPFM applications without additional stress or uncertainty.”