LPFM grassroots effort kicks off


The Prometheus Radio Project is thrilled that its central issue, low power FM, is closer than ever to getting a huge shot in the arm courtesy of the Local Community Radio Act, which just moved out of the House Energy and Commerce Committee for full House consideration.

It has dubbed the remainder of the month Actober and is urging its sympathizers to get on the horn to their local congressional representative to drum up support for the measure.

It has even provided them with a script, once they’ve reached each member’s staffer with primary responsibility for telecom issues. Here is is:

“I am a constituent of (Congressperson X) and I am calling to urge him/her to support HR 1147, which expands the Low Power FM radio service, creating opportunities for local community media outlets in our district. The Local Community Radio Act is advancing rapidly, it has been unanimously voted out of the Energy and Commerce Committee and will come to a floor vote shortly. Can I count on Representative X’s vote in support of HR 1147?”

It asks each volunteer to contact Prometheus afterwards to let them know how the conversation went.

RBR-TVBR observation: There’s simply no telling when Congress will get around to final action on this. At the moment, the House is ahead of the Senate, and we haven’t yet seen the bill show up on the Senate Commerce agenda.

Getting on the schedule is half the battle, and even after the appropriate Senate committee is done with it, there are two full votes to clear, and a conference committee.

Sometimes, though, if a bill has enough bipartisan support that it can easily clear these hurdles, Congress will grease the skids and voice vote identical House/Senate versions (which do not require a conference committee ) straight to the White House.

So this bill could lurk in the shadows for who knows how long, or it could suddenly become law. Stay tuned.