LPFM operator expands with Fort Wayne FM


WNUY-FM may not be the sharpest knife in the Fort Wayne radio drawer, but it will provide a second broadcast outlet for Godwin-Starks Property Management LLC, which through a related entity already has a low power FM station in the market.

The seller is IM IN Licenses LLC, related to Independence Media of Indiana LLC.

According to Media Services Group brokers of record Bob Heymann and Stephan Sloan, the price for the station will be $350K cash. Although the licensee of the LPFM, WQSW-LP, is noncommercial by law, the licensee group formed to acquire WNUY will be free to pursue a commercial operation model with the station.

WNUY-FM is licensed to Bluffton IN, and it’s a Class A on 100.1 MHz, with 5.2 kW off a 294’ HAAT stick. That’s not quite enough juice to make it all the way to Fort Wayne, but does get it over a good bit of territory to the south.
Currently, the station is known as FM 100 Talks, and it’s been employing a lineup of syndicated talkers.

WQSW-LP relies primarily on religious programming, and buyer principal Deborah Godwin-Starks holds down a shift MF from 10AM-11AM and has another program on Tuesdays from 2PM-5PM. John W. Starks Sr. is the other principal of the purchasing entity.