LPFM pulls its own plug


Halifax Christian Community Church’s WFBO-LP in Flagler Beach FL was found to have run afoul of the underwriting regs, and was hit with a $24K fine for making them too, well, commercial. HCCC was successful in getting the fine reduced to $8.1K, but rather than pay that amount, if offered to simply turn in its license and shut the station down.

The matter was handled in the form of a consent decree. The FCC agreed to accept the license back, and HCCC avoids paying the $8.1K, as well as any further investigation of the matter by the FCC. Nor will the FCC use any evidence gathered up until now against HCCC.

The FCC does reserve the right to use evidence gathered in this case in the event that HCCC applies for a license at any point in the future. And such an event will be a minimum of five years in the future, as HCCC agreed to refrain from any applications for at least that length of time. Furthermore, it must disclose the tale of WFBO-LP whenever applying for an FCC license.