LPFM stations in the FCC transaction queue


They have limited power and range, and they’re not allowed to sell commercial air time. But there is a stream of deal-making in the non-profit sector, and LPFM stations are occasionally part of that stream. Two applications have recently been filed, for stations in Georgia and Massachusetts.

The Georgia deal involves WBHS-LP, licensed to Brunswick GA, which is one of Arbitron’s smaller rated markets. The station is going from the Brunswick High Pirate Pride Booster Club, headed by Randy Griffin, to the Glyn County Emergency Management Agency, headed by Jay Wiggins. Power-wise, WBHS is on the high end of the low power FM spectrum, with 100 Watts emanating from a 62’ antenna on 104.9 MHz.

The other station is WRRS-LP in unrated Pittsfield MA, in the western portion of the state. It’s going from Talking Information Center Inc., headed by Ron Bersani, to Berkshire Benevolent Association for the Blind Inc., headed by Nelson E. Furlano. It also is a transfer for no consideration – the buyer simply promises to assume the financial obligations necessary to continue operating the station. It’s on 104.3 MHz, with 100 Watts @ 46’.