LPFM window now closed


TowersThe opportunity to file for a brand new low power FM was supposed to come to an end Thursday 6PM eastern, but problems with the FCC’s Consolidated Database System interfered with the ability of some late applicants to file on time. After a period of extended filing, the window is now actually closed.

The FCC stated 11/14, “The LPFM window is currently open and scheduled to close today at 6:00 p.m. EST. The Bureau recognizes that earlier today technical issues with the Consolidated Database System briefly prevented or delayed some potential applicants from filing the Form 318 applications. The extension is designed to ensure that all applicants are able to complete and timely file applications.”

LPFM catalyst Prometheus Radio Project noted that it had a hand in urging for the extension, which was in effect until 3PM eastern 11/15.

Prometheus said that all of the groups seeking a station via its Torchbearers Program successfully applied, and added its technical and engineering team assisted hundreds of others. It added that more than a thousand potential applicants made use of its resources in one way or another.