LPFMs Awarded Transmitter Violation Notices From FCC


LOS ANGELES — Hanford, Calif., located about three hours to the north of this metropolis, has very little in common with Hollywood, Fla., where RBR+TVBR’s editorial offices are presently based.

That’s just changed, thanks to the FCC‘s Enforcement Bureau. A pair of LPFMs operating in these disparate communities just received respective Notice of Violations.

Here are the details.

Up in Hanford, located in the heart of the San Joaquin Valley, Region Three Regional Director Lark Hadley on Tuesday (6/5) issued a NOV to the First Unitarian Universal Life Church of Hanford, licensee of the low-power FM KOOH-LPFM 104.5 in Hanford.

The 100-watt facility operates as “Kool 104.5,” focused on golden Oldies of the 1950s and 1960s. It is also an affiliate of the Fresno Grizzlies minor league baseball team’s play-by-play broadcasts.

Why is the FCC cool on Kool? The radio license for KOOH-LPFM authorizes its transmitting
antenna to be located at 12175 Lacey Boulevard in Hanford.

However, a Nov. 15, 2017 visit by Enforcement Bureau agents working out of the L.A. office observed that the actual location of the transmitting antenna was located at 101
N. Irwin Street in Hanford.

Oops. That’s 1.7 miles away from the authorized location, and that’s not cool.

Now, the church has 20 days from June 5 to respond to the Commission and explain itself.

Meanwhile, in South Florida, 45-watt WDKK-LPFM at 101.1 MHz uses a transmitter roughly one mile from RBR+TVBR‘s editorial office. On April 26 and May 10, 2018, agents of the Enforcement Bureau’s Miami Office investigated and found that it is not broadcasting from where it should be.

According to its license, WDKK-LPFM is authorized to operate from coordinates 25° 59’ 41” N latitude and 80° 11’ 19” W longitude, using a single-bay, circularly polarized antenna, model Nexus NPX88 / SDS-CP-1, at 36 meters radiation center above ground (RCAG).

But, agents found the station was operating from coordinates 25° 59’ 16.4” N latitude and 80° 15’ 00.7” W longitude using a five-bay antenna at approximately 8 meters RCAG.

That’s not good: This location is 3.9 miles from its authorized location and operates with an
unauthorized antenna at an unauthorized antenna height.

Now, operator American Multi-Media Syndicate Inc. has 20 days from June 5 to offer its response and explanation to the Commission, as requested by Enforcement Bureau Region Two Director Ronald Ramage.

WDKK is operating as “Gridlock Radio,” offering a classic hip-hop format. It is simulcast on WDVS-LPFM 101.1 in Miami’s Little Havana district and WRIZ-LPFM 101.1, which is licensed to Boca Raton but uses a tower in Pompano Beach.