LPTV Coalition walks the picket line with OccupyTheFCC


LPTVThe OccupyTheFCC protest at the FCC HQ in DC saw the addition of the LPTV Spectrum Rights Coalition.  Director Mike Gravino, who walked the picket line during lunch with a Save LPTV sign said: “There is more than one issue of national technology importance on Thursday’s FCC Open Meeting agenda.  The FCC is ready to make a ruling on the taking of key UHF spectrum which thousands of LPTV licensees have been using to provide free and diverse content 24/7 to 10’s of millions of Americans.  We are joining in with OccupyThe FCC to voice our concerns, and to educate others about our spectrum usage rights as licensed broadcasters, and the over $1 billion unfunded mandate Congress gave us to relocate to different channels.”

Mike Gravino

Just before Gravino started to walk with the net neutrality protesters, Chairman Wheeler and Commissioner Clyburn had stopped by to show their concerns.

Added Gravino: “The Net Neutrality occupiers were earnest in their desire to have an open internet, with a wide age range of young and old. They thought our LPTV Coalition was a big business organization since I showed up in a suit. They did not know anything about LPTV, as they were totally focused on the net issue. Once they understood that LPTV represented the small diverse broadcasters across the country they got interested. They did have some “handlers”, seasoned DC advocacy and lobbying pro’s including current staffers of former FCC Commissioner Copps. If OccupyTheFCC is successfully in getting the Commissioners to change their Net Neutrality rule making in anyway, or push it back to a later date, you can expect to see this fall 100 LPTV licensees do the same thing.”